Sign up and receive bonus mobile data
Sign up and receive bonus mobile data

Celebrate with UTS & FLOW

Sign up for any broadband or TV plan with speeds up to 12Mbps or higher and receive 1Gig of bonus mobile data for you AND a friend!

Sign up and get 2x1GB of mobile data
Limited time offer:

Sign up and get 2x1GB of mobile data

Both you and your friend will each receive 1GB of mobile data when you sign up for a broadband or TV plan. That is two times 1GB of Chippie data to enjoy your special moments together! All you need is an active Chippie postpaid or prepaid account.
  • Terms & Conditions
    • The offer is valid until March 7, 2020.
    • The offer is applicable to new customers with or without an active fixed line who subscribe for a UTS Internet package with speeds of 12Mbps or higher or a Flow TV package.
    • Customers will receive 100% discount on the installation fees for Video and Home Internet. Customers will also receive 1GB of bonus mobile data on their Chippie number and that of one of his/her designated friend’s Chippie number.
    • The bonus mobile data of 1GB will be granted after installation has taken place. This may take up to 3 business days. Customers will receive a SMS notification after the bonus data has been activated.
    • Both customer and his/her designated friend should have an active postpaid or prepaid data plan to be able to receive the bonus data.
    • The 1GB will be applied on a separate balance with higher priority than Customer’s and friend’s current balances.
    • The bonus data, if not depleted priory, will expire 4 weeks after the activation date.
    • No roll-over applicable.
    • This offer cannot be combined with any other Home Internet or TV package promotional offers.
    General Terms and Conditions apply