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UTS has been a proud partner of Fun Miles since 2009. The partnership entails that customers who buy products and services at UTS can SAVE and/or REDEEM Fun Miles, making it more FUN to be a UTS customer. With Fun Miles as our loyalty reward program, all UTS customers can use their Fun Miles card to save miles on different products, services, campaigns and also redeem their miles for discounts and/or to buy call credit.

Save Fun Miles

UTS is always looking to offer its customers MORE. Customers, who apply for a One (1) year or Two (2) year Chippie postpaid plan, will receive Fun Miles. Just provide your Fun Miles card number when signing your contract and you will receive your Fun Miles. The Chippie postpaid plan allows you to:

  • Use the minutes in your plan to make calls from your Chippie to any number within Chippieland, and to either a UTS fixed line and/or to fixed lines in the USA and the Netherlands.
  • Choose your postpaid plan starting at as low as ANG 20 per month (see total overview below).
  • Attractive rates when calling outside the bundle (flat-rate).
  • Large SMS bundles.
Save Fun Miles



Monthly Fee


SMS bundle


Chippie 20 ANG 21.20 45 25 200
Chippie 40 ANG 42.40 100 50 400
Chippie 60 ANG 63.60 160 80 600
Chippie 100 ANG 106.00 300 150 1000
Chippie 160 ANG 169.60 500 150 1600
Chippie 240 ANG 254.40 780 150 2400
Chippie 360 ANG 381.60 1200 150 3600
Chippie 500 ANG 530.00 1800 150 5000
Redeem Fun Miles

Redeem Fun Miles

Reload your Prepaid Chippie account

Reload your Chippie without cash by using your Fun Miles. Before reloading, be sure to register your Chippie number at www.funmiles.net. After registering you can send a free SMS to 2222 with the following instructions to reload:




ANG 10
(500 Fun Miles)
RC 500 to 2222
ANG 25
(1250 Fun Miles)
RC 1250 to 2222
To check your Fun Miles account balance: send "miles" to 2222
To ensure that your reload is successful, keep the following into account: Your phone number must be registered in your user profile at Fun Miles. Go to www.funmiles.net/account to verify this. Make sure that the SMS doesn’t contain any typing errors. Check your Fun Miles balance to verify that you have enough miles for the amount you wish to reload for.


Receive discounts on prepaid mobile devices

Purchase the phone of your dreams by paying fully or partially with your Fun Miles and/or cash. This option is only available for prepaid phone packages. Choose from the wide variety of phones that UTS has to offer.


Discount in ANG

Fun Miles

10 500
50 2500
100 5000
150 7500
200 10.000